The GPP Chemnitz Gesellschaft für Prozeßrechnerprogrammierung mbH operates since 1990 successfull as a technology-oriented system house for automation technology.
We mainly work for the manufacturing middle class as well as for large-scale enterprises in the field of high-quality software products, consulting for the implementation of the excellent product quality of our customers, the realization of services and project processing in the field of automation technology, as well as the system and application software.

The company carries out research and development for new and innovative test methods with the aim of implementing these research results in new products.

The focus is on the industrial development, delivery and commissioning of systems for optical inspection and realization of customer-specific test and measurement tasks. Here we rely on components of industrial image processing in connection with our own software technology and our own technological know-how. Own products support this strategy.

The GPP develops customer-oriented, innovative applications and realizes them in machines, production plants or in products of the clients of most different branches. These solutions are used e.g. in the automotive and its supply industry, in special machine construction, in microsystems technology, in semiconductor and electronics manufacturing, laser processing, as well as in textile machinery and medical technology, as well as in the production environment for alternative energies.

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