Surface inspection systems

SurfaceInspect is the GPP Vision based surface inspection system. They are integrated in automated production lines or realized as a stand-alone test bench.
Being checked:

  • rotationally symmetric parts e.g. cylindrical and conical
  • spherical surfaces
  • flat surfaces
  • inner walls
  • Structured surfaces

Intelligent evaluation algorithms using deterministic and non-deterministic techniques, e.g. artificial intelligence, characterize the performance and safety and, at the same time, the uniqueness of these systems.
SurfaceInspect tests high-quality wear-resistant coatings, which are often used in the automotive sector. It is checked for scratches, punch marks and other types of defects and classified.
For surface brazing, the quality of brazing is evaluated using artificial intelligence, e.g. on missing solder, cold soldering, flux residues / tinder.