The GPP products are the result of extensive development work.

  • GPPVision is the basic product for non-contact measuring and testing solutions.
  • Check and sort precision parts:

    • gppSORT : Testing system for testing and sorting plants with high requirements on sorting performance
    • preciSORT : Testing and sorting system for detached parts
    • profiSORT : Testing and sorting system for shaft-heavy parts

  • Solar cells and solar modules:

    • SolarModuleInspect: visual inspections of solar modules
    • Electroluminescence: for solar cells and solar modules

  • SurfaceInspect is a surface inspection system.
  • HeadlightInspect is the GPP system for headlamp and headlight module testing, and is the preferred choice in the automotive and automotive supply industries.
  • Special components are used to realize complex testing tasks in different industrial areas and are manufactured by GPP.